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Vibrant, Visionary Local Artists

Fishers, Indiana is thriving with exceptional schools, new businesses, and residential expansion. Nowhere is this energy and growth more evident than in the flourishing proliferation of cultural and artistic expression throughout Fishers. By sharing their talents and artistic creations, local artists and artisans are bringing the community to life, accelerating Fishers' reputation as a national culture and arts hub, and contributing to the community's standing as one of the very best places to live, work and play in the United States. 


The Nickel Plate District in the heart of the City of Fishers is recognized by the State of Indiana as one of only 10 Statewide Cultural Districts. This is a direct reflection of the quality, caliber and diversity of the artists and artisans who choose to bring their visions to life in Fishers and in so doing connect neighbor with neighbor by celebrating the human spirit through visual, performance and culinary arts.

Hover over the images below to explore art in Fishers and discover links to the artists' websites where you can see for yourself why the Fishers Arts Council is proud to create awareness of these incredible artists and artisans. 

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