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ARTIST CALL OUT: Paid Opportunity for Visual Artists (mini classes)

Updated: 4 days ago


Fishers Arts Council (FAC) is creating an event based on a popular item from our 2019 year-end events: Spark! of Creativity, in conjunction with Spark!Fishers. FAC will be offering small drop-in art classes for 2D visual art, theater, and music, on Saturday, June 27th from 4pm-9pm at the Art Gallery at City Hall. We have secured our theater and music artists for the event. We are now looking for four (4) visual artists who are able to teach one to three students (of any age and ability) at a time to create in the artist’s medium. The students will drop in at any time during the five (5) hour event and work with those that are available.

FAC’s goal for these classes, while being fun, will be to “Spark! Creativity” in our community, encouraging those that try out music, theater, and visual art, to continue to pursue the medium that most speaks to them. The more we can introduce and involve the community in various art forms, the greater impact artists can make to enhance and enrich the lives of those who live, work, and visit Fishers.

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION: By 3:00PM EST on Friday, May 1, 2020

ELIGIBILITY: To be eligible to submit for this opportunity, artists must:

· Be able to meet all of the project requirements (see below)

· Be 18 years old or older

· Be willing to meet all contractual obligations


· Artist’s medium must be able to be demonstrated and taught live at City Hall in the space provided

· Artist must provide clear instructions and interact, engage, and communicate with students and observers

· Artist must provide materials for a project that students can take home, planning for up to 30 students

· The project must not be harmful or dangerous to others who are new to the medium

· Project should take no more than 30-40 minutes to allow for clean-up, reset, and artist break within an hour


Each artist will be paid $100 for their mini lessons, which equates to $20 per hour for five (5) hours during the event – including breaks. Fishers Arts Council will pay for all materials the artist supplies during the event, up to $200. Receipts will be required.


Artists must submit their qualifications by 3:00PM EST on Friday, May 1, 2020. Representatives from Fishers Arts Council will review submitted qualifications and select up to four (4) artists/artisans.

Note: While this is the intended selection process, in an effort to provide the most diverse array of artistic mediums for the public to experience, Fishers Arts Council reserves the right to invite an artist to apply, should their medium be lacking representation from the current applicants. Technical Ability: Artist’s history of work indicates professionalism, skill with materials and techniques, and artist is able to instruct others on how to create their own piece of art

Artistic Quality: Artist’s past work is appropriate to its medium, represents it well, and shows personal creativity

Additional Criteria:

· Clear understanding of requirements to instruct others

· Demonstrated capability for proposal to be engaging and educational

· Fishers residents receive priority (if necessary)


This timeline represents the event as it now appears.

· Release Request for Qualifications: March 2, 2020

· Deadline for Submissions: 3:00PM EST on Friday, May 1, 2020

· Notification of Selection: on/by Friday, May 15, 2020

· Event Date: June 27, 2020

HOW TO APPLY: Artists must submit the following information to info@FishersArtsCouncil.org or via mail

1. Applicant information: Please include the following information in your cover letter:

· Artist name

· Full mailing address

· Phone number

· Email address

· Website (if applicable)

2. Cover Letter: In addition to the above contact information, please include:

· A statement about your interest in this project

· A synopsis of what you will have your “students” create

· A statement about how your past experiences qualify you for this opportunity, or why you would be the ideal person to teach others your medium

3. Examples of previous artwork: Submit two to ten digital images in .jpg or .pdf format of past work/creative projects. Please limit the file size of each image to 2MB or less. If possible, include images of at least one previous project that is appropriate to the conditions of these events. (Do no embed images in your email.)

4. Image information: Provide the following information about each submitted project: title, total artwork budget/estimate materials cost, and a brief (one to two sentences) description of the project or piece. Include a directory of which image titles you have submitted are associated with each project (ex: for an artist named Jones: PROJECT A: Images Jones 1, Jones 2, Jones 3; PROJECT B: Jones 4, Jones 5). Submit this sheet in .doc, .docx or .pdf format.


Submissions may be emailed to info@FishersArtsCouncil.org, shared via Dropbox/Google Drive, or mailed to Fishers Arts Council.

Mailed or delivered submissions must be loaded on a single USB drive. CDs, DVDs, or printed items cannot be accepted. USB drives must arrive at Fishers City Hall (to be placed in the Fishers Arts Council mailbox) no later than 3:00PM EST on Friday, May 1, 2020. A Dropbox/Google Drive share request must be time-stamped by 3:00PM EST on Friday, May 1, 2020 – and all items must be included in the shared folder by that time. Any item that is time-stamped as being uploaded after 3:00PM will be disqualified from consideration.

The Delivery Address is:

ATTN: Spark! of Creativity Fishers Arts Council 1 Municipal Drive Fishers, IN 46038


Fishers Arts Council via email at info@FishersArtsCouncil.org