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The Art of Caricature and Illustration

selected pieces from the 80+ collection

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Artist Statements

Statements are in the order of the artwork above. 

Bob Boyle has always been interested in lines and shapes when it pertains to art. “I’ve also found faces and their unique features fascinating. It’s always a challenge to capture a person’s like and personality.” His ceramics pieces combine both these interests in a 3D art form.

Nichole Cochran is an illustration major at Grace College. She has always loved art and animals. She combines these interests in this illustrative presentation of five ‘Aesop’s Fables.’ She chose these fables as she felt they would be interesting to execute while still presenting lessons to viewers.

Rebecca Entrican’s art is an extension of her identity. “It is colorful, full of detail, controlled in some spots and spontaneous in others.” Her favorite subject is portraits, and she is inspired by classical Renaissance artists, as well as contemporary cartoonists. “Structure is important when it comes to art but determining where to adhere and where to break from this structure is where things become interesting.”


John Essex II retired after teaching art full-time for 33 years. He formed his own art and entertainment business, EssexART ABC, LLC. “The ‘ABC’ refers to me being an Artist, Bagpiper and Caricaturist. This is my life. This is my passion. This is my job… what I do for a living… and I love it more than words can tell. It is my way of exploring creative expression and, a majority of the time, being of service to others.”

 Sandra Hall enjoys representational imagery and continues to discover new ways to express ideas. “Plein air painting is a favorite pastime.” MOMMS is her first illustrated story and she embraces more opportunities to hone her skills. Opportunities from Lilly Endowment’s Teacher Creativity grant program and the Getty Foundation’s DBAE workshops reinforced her love to learn and articulate. Even after retiring as an art educator from an Indiana junior high, Sandy continued to teach and to help others discover their creative potential. 


Duane King’s first vocation is “play.” His occupation is a serious ‘engagement in imaginative pretense.’ He says doing nothing is some of the most productive time for an artist. “My mind begins to wander; my pencil begins to move. Lines turn to shape, figures appear. I play to capture not only the form and beauty of the subject but the emotion.”    

Jacque Hammonds describes herself as “truly a ‘Jacque-of-all trades’ with many avenues and opportunities to draw on my creativity.” She has loved art since she was a child. “I’ve found that the best way to continue to grow, create, and experience life as an artists is to say ‘yes’ to the opportunities that come across your path.” Her most recent show was entitled “Whimsy” this past June at The Art Gallery at City Hall, Fishers.

Gabriel Lehman draws inspiration from the changing seasons and continues to enjoy the family-centric state. He is a humanitarian by nature and uses his gifts to enhance the lives of people across the country. From donating paintings for charity auctions to muraling for homeless shelters and church nurseries, if he can help, he will.

Shaunt’e Lewis in an interview with the Indianapolis Recorder said she got her start in the fourth grade “in an art competition through my school and I won. I had my artwork published on a billboard in my hometown, and from then I knew I was meant to create.” Her artwork doesn’t exist in a box as “I like to experiment and try new things…I will continue to explore my personal style.”

Nick Mangos is a self-taught artist. He started drawing cartoon characters as a child. His cartoon style is evident in all his paintings and drawings. He has a wide stable of characters that appear in a different settings. He loves to make one-of-a-kind greeting cards and to draw caricatures of people of events. This is Nick’s 3rd showing at The Art Gallery at City Hall.


Charles McNally considers himself the "original moodist." He says this means, “I paint whenever I’m in the Mood and the subjects always change.” He works a lot on commission. His plein air art has won two Purchase Awards at Carmel’s Plein Air Paint Out.

Leigh Marino Petersen is all about those goose-bump-inducing "a-ha moments" and ideas. She looks forward to the opportunity to bring them to life. She is a constant thinker and problem solver.


Sue Payne’s particular interest throughout her life has been textiles- using the wool from sheep and creating all kinds of woven and felted items. Sue has been a Textile Specialist for decades at Conner Prairie; spinning, weaving, dyeing, felting, creating reproduction pieces. Throughout Sue’s life she has taught and shared these skills with thousands of people. Sue serves as the current President of the Hamilton County Artists’ Association, which has been a real challenge in 2020 with the COVID virus.

Betty Schaefer, Sue Payne’s mother, was a lifelong newspaper advertising illustration artist. Born in Marion, Indiana, she was drawing as soon as she could hold a pencil. Betty drew thousands of pieces of ad art; children’s fashions, accessories, curtains, hosiery, furniture…… All of the art was done with brushes, pen nibs and India Ink.

Sue and her husband, John, discovered over 300 pieces of her original ad art in her attic after her death. The majority were from the 1940’s and 50’s. All of the pieces were accepted into the Indiana Historical Society’s collection and is the only record of Block’s Advertising they have. Sue has restored and colorized many of the pieces and owns the rights to the images which she treasures and loves to share.



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