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JULY 2020

The Hamilton County Artists' Association Exhibit

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Artist Statements


Statements are in the order of the artwork above. 

Walt Thacker is a self taught oil painter, whose paintings reflect the simple beauty of ordinary things.

Tresa Steenberg is a mixed media artist who enjoys using a variety of mediums to add depth and detail to her finished piece of art. More of Tresa's work can be seen at the CCA Gallery in Carmel and on Instagram @tesby_art.

Thea Clarke has painted in watercolors for over 30 years. She is a Cardinal Fellow in the Watercolor Society of Indiana and a member of HCAA. 

Sue Payne is a native of Hamilton County with a lifelong love of textiles photography. She is a Textile Specialist for Conner Prairie and is the current president of the HCAA. 

Michael Jack is a landscape photographer and judge. He is a member of several local and international photographic clubs and is an officer of an international photography society.

Color and design are Mary Jane Keys's passion! As a former batik artist, Mary Jane has taken her experience with transparent dyes on fabric to working in watercolor.

Student, Art Teacher, Photographer and Painter all describe Mark Rouse, a lifelong resident of Hamilton County. Diabetic Retinopathy nearly stole his ability to see, igniting a new way for seeing and portraying the world around him. 

Marie Williams is a contemporary realist painter whose chosen medium is oil. As an avid traveller and lover of nature, she produces art that depicts the scenic landscape of the places she has visited.

Margot Bogue feels there is nothing more exciting than "seeing" something to paint - stopping dead in her tracks and saying, “I’ve got to paint that!” Whether it is a city block she has viewed many times, or a bowl of oranges catching the sunlight on her kitchen table. She is compelled to paint as if she is seeing them for the first time.

Mansoureh Sameni's art work mostly focuses and reflects on nature and life experiences.

Leslie Ober is an award-winning Indiana artist working primarily in acrylics and soft pastels. While she enjoys a wide variety of subject matter, she is most alive when creating colorful, abstract pieces.

As a former president of the HCAA, Kay Richards has felt privileged to be encouraged, stimulated, and engaged in the artistic enthusiasm of our local creative community. "We artists view the world with a loving eye that we gratefully share......enjoy!" 

Joe Bartz has spent most of his adult life painting surrealistic and realistic images. Music is the driving force behind most of his paintings.

Now that Joanne Roeder has graduated from her 9 to 5 working life; she has been able to return to her basic passion of "Fine Art". She feels that along the way through life she profited from spending time with gifted instructors. 

Brenda Smith enjoys the ocean: the sun rises to a new day and a new beginning, having her feet int he sand and listening to the waves and view of the Monterey Bay. 

Antonio Menendez received formal education in drawing and painting in Spain and France. He is a juried artist at Hamilton County Artists' Association. Since 2006, his work has been shown and sold in individual and collective exhibits throughout Indiana.


Simona Buna is an artist from Noblesville, Indiana. Her favorite medium is oil paints and she truly enjoys painting flowers, waterscapes and, still life. 

Sheldon Shalley is a psychotherapist, shamanic practitioner, and artist who paints images he meets in dreams, meditation, and shamanic journeys. 

Katherine Fehn is a Carmel-based artist, focusing mainly on acrylic abstracts, with a splash of realism. Her work has been featured at the CCA Gallery, the HCAA, the Indiana State Fair, and the Carmel Library. 


Additional artists not featured online but are present at the live exhibit
Linda Cantwell, Stephen Patterson,
Nancy Waltz


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