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OLIVIA ASH Color and the use of it fascinate me; I gravitate toward texture and abstract works, imagining the emotional landscape behind the artistic one. I prefer to paint large-scale works on canvas using acrylics and I have grown to enjoy the challenge of working within smaller limits and commission requests. I enjoy painting with brushes, pallet knives, and my hands!

APARNA BHAVE Breathing in… Breathing out… Is that the only way to check a person’s existence? Each dawn arrives with its own divine colors, giving rays of hope. ‘Hope’ it’s an abstract emotion. Expressing emotions is the need of a soul.


I am a mother, wife, homemaker and an interior designer. But it couldn’t be real me without emotions. I trying to find eternal me with these abstract expressions.


INGRID BLOUNT Art is a passion for me.  To work with a medium, bringing life from a blank canvas is a joy and a gift.  I want my artwork to evoke a response from the viewer.  I want it to feel alive, flowing and moving as if it were a mere snapshot of something bigger and always in motion. 
For some years I’ve been developing my style as an alcohol ink artist on various bases including canvas, wood, jewelry, Yupo paper, tile and more. Alcohol inks are a wild medium that bring life and movement to art. Although they can feel untamable at times, when working with them I find they have a unique and exquisite beauty. I hope that every person who owns a piece of my artwork feels a connection to it; that it speaks to them and elicits a joy that they can’t leave behind.   

At this time in my life, I wear many hats. I'm the wife of a wonderful, supportive husband, mother to three beautiful children who are a delight, artist, teacher, and more.  I'm so blessed that I get the opportunity to create!


LAURA CRAWFORD I paint in acrylics, vibrantly colored scenes from nature: rolling landscapes, flowing cloudscapes, mountains, trees, gardens, and flowers. The unifying theme to all of this is flow and change: each scene is fleeting and captures a moment; my hope is that this sense of fleeting whimsy and beauty inspires some mindfulness — of appreciating and celebrating these moments when they occur.

I come from a family of painters and in addition to their modeling, teaching, and inspiration, I have some formal training but am mostly self-taught. I recently retired and live in Broad Ripple Village in Indianapolis with my beloved sculptor husband and our old, bossy cat.


TONY ELLIOTT recounts that R. Buckminster Fuller once said, "Specialization can lead to Extinction." As a semi-retired architect with over 40 years of experience, he thought he would broaden his portfolio and take up oil painting. Tony is having a great time relaxing in front of the canvas and creating new images of places that he has visited in this great country.


AMY JOHNSON My main profession over the past two decades is working with people who struggle with mental health issues. Over the years I have found art to be a helpful and powerful means for people to express themselves in ways words are not always able to do; glass work does this for me. I am an emerging glass fusing artist who began initially with a microwave kiln but over the past year I have moved to making larger works in an electric kiln. I recently started my art business, Melted Glass Studio, and I have sold a couple pieces. I am looking forward to continuing to develop my skills and to emerge as a proud Fishers Artist.

Glass fusing expresses many underlying truths without the use of words. It is not only in the artwork itself but the process of glass fusing that lends to greater understanding of people and society. Glass pieces are cut and joined into a design involving various colors, shapes, and sizes. At this stage, the pieces have sharp edges and the blended design is not always fully clear- it is raw. To create an artwork, the glass must undergo intense heating for the pieces to become one. There also must be time for the work to return to room temperature as rapid cooling leads to the glass breaking. I see humans and our society developing in a similar process. People have various aspects and society has diverse people that if joined well can lead to something beautiful. Yet, often we must face intense adversity to develop a stronger connection and to smooth our sharp edges. We also need time to cool down so as not to break. The finished glass highlights the complex layers and diversity working together to create beauty.


JUDY MINTZE Art enriches my life; the creation process is an extension of my experiences and emotions. I create because I must. To exist without producing, without leaving a mark of some significance somewhere – whether mysterious, monumental, unanimous or merely modest – would be a life unlived.”

My art is fueled by a positive force to create and a sense of urgency to speak from within. My work is all about color, design and textures. My primary focus is finding new techniques and experimenting with different materials. My motivation often comes from real life experiences or images in my dreams.

For me to realize my work, I rarely repeat my work since each piece of art expresses my thoughts or feeling at that particular time. I'm inspired mostly by the challenge of creating something new or something unique to my style. I choose elements for my works from my surroundings, what is available or what I can find when traveling. If I go on a trip and I see a stone, seashell or any unusual object, I immediately think about ways to incorporate the find in my current work or next project. This helps me to stay motivated by combining elements that resist monotony in my work.

I believe that I must continue to experiment and try new techniques in order to avoid repetition. Art for me is more than painting or creating impressive pieces, it is an expression of my inner thoughts my life’s work. It’s all about expressing my feelings and sharing the gifts that God gave me to enhance the lives of others.     


KENYA FERRAND-OTT is an artist born and raised in Indiana who works with watercolors and acrylics. Working in a combination of Minimal and Dynamic Realism, she achieves not just a realistic likeness of a subject but an energized moment in time. Coming from a native American, nature-heavy upbringing, "I want to make photo-realist paintings with dynamic compositions that are a slice of life of my animal subjects. Backgrounds are unnecessary information. I want a shared moment between the viewer and animal. To pause on a moment of time and feel what a subject means in that moment and the world."


MEGAN ROSTA says “Stitched Herstory” is an infographic that takes a generational look at how women’s lives have changed since 1946. It focuses on progress made by women in moving away from traditional gender roles and expectations to stay in the home. It uses the medium of textiles, specifically embroidery, ironically to demonstrate this shift.

“I based my timeline around the birth years of me (1997), my mother (1966), and my grandmother (1946). Each of us made a hoop reflecting our birth years and our relations to one another. They are the largest hoops in the timeline and act as spacers among the progress shown. Because the history of women is such a complex issue, I have included an 'empty hoop' element in my timeline to represent untold stories. These are scattered throughout my complete timeline.

“Many women helped me put together this timeline. Each of the hoops is labeled with a set of initials, marked by the maker.”

Special thanks to Amy Rosta, Lynda Tomecko, Sofia Argeres, Nicole Cullen, Kelli Evans, Hannah Fogel, Kirsten Hammons, Seraphina Meacham, Kevin McGroarty, Sarah Nishiura, and Julie Rosta.

   This is an ever-growing project! If you’d like to get involved, email and follow its progress on Instagram: @stitchedherstory


BOB SHIMER is a digital artist from Fishers, Indiana. He specializes in digital art, mainly Science Fiction, Surreal, and Spiritual themes. "I have been involved in art from an early age as both my parents were artists. I encourage the viewer to create their own story."

Bob is also a Professional Storyteller--Ventriloquist-Magician, and Web Designer. As well as a Software Developer, Professional Photographer, Watercolor and Graphic Artist, and an adjunct faculty member at Ivy Tech Community College.  He graduated from Otterbein College and is a Scottish Rite Mason and Shriner. Bob retired as a Major from the USAF followed by retirement from AT&T. He is originally from Steubenville, Ohio, lived in Biloxi, Mississippi; Alliance, Ohio; Medina, Ohio; and now in Fishers, Indiana. He is the proud husband of Linda, a father and grandpa.



TAYLOR WALKER “It's attention to detail that makes the difference between average and stunning.”
Detail makes me tick. Detailed drawings. Detailed lists. Detailed homes. Detailed craftsmanship. Detailed stories....

I’ve heard it my whole life, “Your work is so DETAILED,” whether it’s talking about my colored pencil drawings, holiday cards or even my perfectly blended eyeshadow. I thrive on taking the time to capture elements that most people wouldn’t have the patience for. I get such a thrill from taking something to the extreme, whether that’s capturing every little green fleck in a cat’s eye or completing the 20+ tasks on my to-do list that would take most people a week to complete but I get it done in 2 days.

I’m an extremely self-motivated, easy-going, reflective and ambitious daydreamer that thrives on creative thinking and task completion. I’m also the crazy that gets up at 4:30am to run every morning. I’m the best version of myself when I'm sipping black coffee on the patio and having an hour or two of self-reflection and journaling before I begin my day, and it goes without saying that I’m lost without my daily to-do list.

Art and animals define me, and I’ve combined these two passions to donate and partner with local and international animal protection communities. For the last 2 years I’ve been 1 of 15 jury selected artists to participate in the Indianapolis Zoo Naturally Inspired Paint Out, an event that auctions donated artwork to raise money for animal conservation. I’m a repeat art donor to Langley Protection Animal Society in Canada that raises on average $90,000 every November at their annual Gala. I also regularly fundraise with IndyHumane and The Humane Society for Hamilton County at events like Mutt Strut and Tinsel & Tails.


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