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Artist Statements

Statements are in the order of the artwork above. 

JODY BRUNS What started as one class at the Indianapolis Art Center in 2010 has grown into a hobby and wonderful journey into the world of printmaking.  My experience includes relief printing, etching, wood engraving screen printing and lithography.  My prints are inspired by things in my everyday life: nature, people, and animals.  My work has continued to evolve and most recently, I have learned the processes of wood engraving and lithography.  I am a member Indiana Artists Club, 67th Street Printmakers, and Wood Engravers’ Network. I am currently living and working in Carmel, IN.


BRYCE CULVERHOUSE After developing a strong interest in typography while attending Kendall College of Art and Design, and after a career as a Graphic Designer, Art Director and Creative Director, I decided to develop a new style of art based solely on letter forms that create images. I’ve combined my passion for history and visual art. I have created specific history or biography lessons that both communicate information about the subject as well as an interesting concept to visualizing the subject.

I recently started working with a poet to visually portray her poetry. The typography that forms each subject is usually interesting biographic material and well-known quotes, or in the case of my Mount Rushmore series, Presidential speeches or letters they have written. Some of my artistic influences are Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Leroy Nieman, Peter Max and architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

MELINDA HAMILTON A graphic artist’s job is to use words, color, and shape to convey a message visually. These are a few of the designs that I have created for different purposes and clients over the past 40 years. Each is a unique solution. Many times, all I have to work from are words typed on a page or a quick sketch on a napkin.

"15" A self-created image. This image is a reflection of my daughter’s emotion, attitude and being 15. Placement, color and added graphic elements say it all.

"Adagio Presto" Logo for Carmel High School Marching Band 2017 Show. The overall theme of the show was movement and tempo changing from slow to fast. The curving, forward leaning script and color of the word, Adagio, create a sense of slow fluidity. The bold, red, sharp edged, forward slanting font used for the word, Presto, creates a sense of speed. The black curved arc and needle represent increasing speed (speedometer) and the shape of a color guard flag. The different backgrounds illustrate variations of how the logo should appear.

"Workers Culture in Two Nations" Graphic title image for a museum exhibit. The exhibit features art expressing how work defines a person, and worker’s culture in the U.S. and South Africa. The images in the graphic are representations of some of the 2D and 3D art. Colors used are prevalent in the art.


NANCY KRUSE is an acclaimed Indianapolis artist who creates colorful, contemporary paintings from her art studio in Carmel, Indiana. Her work has been featured in Indy art galleries and exhibits since 2004 and continues to be well-received in the art community of Indianapolis.

In a recent series of paintings, she explores the themes of verbal abuse and the pressures exerted on us while living in a modern society. “Through my paintings, I have examined how pressures from our society and ourselves can influence our behaviors. In a vicious cycle, not always obvious to our rational selves, we have created our own alienation by irrational thoughts and by the expectations of a society that emulates power and wealth…I hope to inspire discourse with the viewer on what demeaning behaviors, said or unsaid, can alienate us from a meaningful existence.”


Nancy is a graduate of the University of Indianapolis, MA, painting, IUPUI, John Herron School of Art, Purdue University. She also studied Color Theory, Drawing, Oil Painting at Indianapolis Arts Center and Plein Air Painting with Rosanna Harden-Hall.

CRAIG MULLINS believes his training as an architect can be seen in his work. “I pay great attention to subject matter, composition and color and prefer to use acrylic paints and pastels on large canvases.” While he paints portraits, his current passion is the painting of landscapes. “Many of these landscapes have architectural elements as a part of the subject matter, such as farm and barn compositions, as well as images from travel and hiking experiences all over the world. Much of my work tends to be precise relative to the building element contrasted with a very loose expression in the landscape element of trees, ground texture, water and sky. I am very intrigued with the ability to create a mood of time, space and color that in a photograph can’t be captured."

Now retired, Craig devotes time to his second passion as an artist, “drawing on my developed skills as an architect.” He is a longtime resident of Hamilton County and has exhibited his work in several thematic local exhibits over the last several years.


CRAIG OGDEN is driven by the exercise of expressionism through abstract painting. "Very often my work is simply a series of experiments mixing colors, textures, shapes' and scale to form an image that is new, original and surprising. I strive to keep my use of color and my compositions clean and spontaneous, but always on the edge with order over chaos; comfortable over uneasy." 


MEGAN ROSTA says these projects show a sample of her work as a Visual Communication student at Loyola University Chicago. She has a diverse range of interests, which she likes to explore in her artwork.

“Voice Your Vote” is a social advocacy campaign Megan designed after hearing about the voter suppression measures that skyrocketed in the 2016 and 2018 elections. The entire campaign included posters (a couple shown here), social media content, billboards, a website, and animated banner advertisements.


“Yellow Submarine” is a still from a motion video she created that acts as a hand-washing timer by sampling twenty seconds from The Beatles’ song “Yellow Submarine.” Megan created the yellow font. 


“PINCH” is a packaging project Megan worked on. She developed the idea for a fictional company that sells canned cocktails designed for the unqualified bartender. The company’s slogan: “In a pinch, grab a PINCH, and add a pinch of fresh lime juice.”

BOB SHIMER is a digital artist from Fishers, Indiana. He specializes in digital art, mainly Science Fiction, Surreal, and Spiritual themes. "I have been involved in art from an early age as both my parents were artists. I encourage the viewer to create their own story."

Bob is also a Professional Storyteller--Ventriloquist-Magician, and Web Designer. As well as a Software Developer, Professional Photographer, Watercolor and Graphic Artist, and an adjunct faculty member at Ivy Tech Community College.  He graduated from Otterbein College and is a Scottish Rite Mason and Shriner. Bob retired as a Major from the USAF followed by retirement from AT&T. He is originally from Steubenville, Ohio, lived in Biloxi, Mississippi; Alliance, Ohio; Medina, Ohio; and now in Fishers, Indiana. He is the proud husband of Linda, a father and grandpa.

LAURA VILLANYI Laura’s roots in Fishers go back to 1977.  She thought her parents moved her to the edge of the earth.  My how things have changed.  Graduate of Hamilton Southeastern High School and Purdue University, Laura has been schooled and involved in the arts for many years.  She considers herself a skilled craftsman and has done many art projects in many mediums including but not limited to painting, ceramics, lamp working, calligraphy, illustration, photography and jewelry design.  These 2 quick finish sketches represent taking an idea and just getting it down on paper.  Personal Philosophy - Support the Arts = Buy Art.

LINDA WITTE HENKE is an artist specializing in the design of work expressive of spirituality and faith.  Her work has been displayed in juried solo, group, and invitational exhibitions in Europe, Asia, and North America, where it also resides in corporate, parish, and private collections.  Images of her work are frequently published in books, magazines, and journal articles, as well as on websites and in on-line exhibitions.

"My sources of inspiration include my faith in God, the sacred writings that ground my faith, the assembly of God’s people in worship, and theological reflections on the spiritual implications of social, political, and ecological issues." Informed by academic degrees in journalism and theology, extensive studies in art and surface design, and experiences as a parish pastor and published author, Linda employs a variety of media, processes, and techniques to effectively execute her design vision.


After several decades devoted to creating liturgical art commissions, her work currently focuses on the development of digital designs for commercial printing on a variety of media.


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