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May 31, 2014
by Curator
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How To Handle False Negative Reviews

Negative Review RatingIf you are the owner of a business, there will be people that are not satisfied with what you do. With that being said, there are others that will maliciously post false information in order to ruin your reputation with others. It may seem like this is something that would be hard to come back from, but it is possible if you follow the advice from a New York online reputation management consultant.

The first thing you should do is calm down. There are many people that get angry right away, which only leads to bad choices. It may be tempting to become irate and respond negatively, but the only thing this will do is make you look worse. You should contact the poster and ask if there is a specific reason why they are posting this information. If there is no response or the person responds with more negativity, contact the site owner and let them know that the review is false.

Never counter false negatives with false positives. While you may believe that the best way to fight back fake against negative reviews is to post fake positive ones, the only thing this will do is make your company look illegitimate. There are several ways to get positive reviews and posting false ones is not included. Talk to some of your regular customers and ask them if they would post some positive feedback for you online. They may refuse, but for every few that say no, there will most likely be a yes, especially if they are loyal to your business.

Flag the review as soon as you read it. There are some sites that will remove negative reviews or a consultant like HyperTraffic SEO that can assist you once a certain number of people flag them. While there is no guarantee that flagging it will get it removed right away, this is a start. You should contact people you know that are aware of the situation and have them flag the review as well. Make sure that these people are sincere. Again, you don’t want to persuade someone to do anything that may be deemed unethical.

Don’t assume that the review is false. This is a very important tip that many people don’t think about. Yes, you may have many people that think positively about your company, but there will always be people that don’t. Every user has a different experience and they have the right to review it as they see fit. A few negative reviews are not going to put you out of business. You need to focus on making changes so there are no additional negative reviews in the future.

It may be hurtful to log on to a website and see negative things written about your business. While this is true, you have to be very careful about the way you handle things. Negative reviews can sometimes seem like a huge blow to the reputation of a legitimate business, but handling it incorrectly can make things worse. If you are ever in this situation, follow the advice here.